[SUBW-A] Trip Report - K to K walk, Easter2004

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Trip Report – Kanangra Walls to Katoomba, Easter 2004

Party: Albert Chetcuti, Chris Johns, James Bucknell, James D (only to 
Kanangra Walls) and myself.

Albert and I met up with the two Jameses, and later on Chris, at Katoomba on 
the beautiful Friday morning. We rented a 17-seater bus to take us down to 
Kanangra Walls, so we didn’t need to do the long car shuttle. We first 
dropped my car at the carpark near Narrowneck, where we met a big group of 
elder people just starting the K to M (Mittagong) walk, and then left 
Katoomba for the long road trip to K Walls.

We got there around lunchtime. Albert, Chris, James B and I went to a nearby 
lookout to take a few photos, while James D was having a nice chat with two 
beautiful park rangers. There, he decided to leave us and do some other 
things himself. (It is because the lady rangers are more attractive than 

So four of us walked to the Walls, found a nice spot near the cliff, which 
overlooks the gorge and valleys, and had a quick lunch there. The sunshine 
and the view were so pleasant, but we didn’t have much time to relax there. 
Our aim was to get to Dex Creek, so we could camp near the water source. 
Although a couple of other walkers expressed doubt about us getting there by 
dark, we were still pretty confident that we’d make it. The start of this 
walk wasn’t too difficult, but somehow it still took 2 hrs to get to Gabes 
Gap. It was already 4:30pm, and due to insufficient daylight, we were very 
tempted to stay there for the night. However, we still thought it was 
possible to get to Dex Creek, so we continued on. From Gabes Gap, is where 
the climb begun. We went over Mt. High and Mighty and Mt. Stormbreaker. We 
looked over to Mt. Cloundmaker and the setting sun has turned it into a 
beautiful golden colour. Soon after, the sun had disappeared behind the 
range on the left. With the help of our torches, we got as far as just 
before Mt Cloudmaker, where we found a little campsite between two knolls, 
and decided to stay there for the night. With the shortage of water, James 
dinner turned out to be a bit messy. But we still had a great time sitting 
by the fire, relaxing for the rest of the night.

The next morning, feeling hungry (Albert and I had no breakfast) and the 
need for water, we continued our way to Dex Creek. We had a brief stop on 
top of Mt. Cloudmaker to fill in the logbook and take a few pictures. We 
were so excited when we finally reached the creek. The water was so fresh 
that it tasted like cold spring water. We made ourselves some tea and 
coffee. Albert and I had a late breakfast there, while Chris was going 
through his 10-inch thick novel. After recharging our tummies and water 
bottles, we moved on happily towards the Coxes River. We stopped for lunch 
just before the big drop to Kanangra Creek. The track down was unclear and 
very rough, but eventually we hit the creek at the right place. On the other 
side of the creek, there’s a really nice grassy campsite. Realised that we 
wouldn’t make it to Mobbs Swamp as initially planned, we dropped packs here 
and set up our tents and hammock (James’). Soon after we claimed our 
territory, two other groups of walkers arrived; one group camped on the 
other side just upstream from us. James and I jumped into the water and had 
a nice dip, but then I saw this bastard from the other group washing his 
filthy socks despite seeing me in the water, so I quickly jumped out. Poor 
Chris was about to collect some water for cooking.

Day 3 began with a big climb, first up the Yellow Pup Ridge, and then up to 
Mt. Yellow Dog. From a pup to a dog, it took almost 2hrs. After a nice 
break, we headed to Mobbs Swamp for lunch. Lucky that we decided to stay at 
Kanangra Creek the previous night. Apparently there’s no water around Mobbs 
Swamp and the campsite is not as nice too. The way to Medlow Gap was nice 
and easy. We set our camp there that afternoon. Our bushwalking book 
indicated that there is a waterhole nearby, but it did not mention anything 
about using that water or the water quality. Anyway, James, Albert and I 
walked down to the waterhole with bottles and pots, while Chris looked after 
our stuff at the campsite.
We were in total shock when we saw the waterhole - or shall I call it the 
“blackhole”. That pool of murky water was absolutely disgusting. Suddenly, 
James - and his filter - became our best friends. Albert had removed a dead 
frog from the water before we started filtering (Sorry Chris, we didn’t tell 
you that just in case it scares you off). It took a while to convince Chris 
that the water should be fine to drink. And thank God, I still had a full 
750mL bottle of Kanangra Creek water! We all retreated to our tents/hammock 
early that night, hoping to leave a bit early the next day.

Monday morning we climbed up to Narrowneck, with rewarding view on the way 
up. After that was a long road bash back to the car. We had a nice lunch at 
a café in Katoomba before heading back home.

It was a nice trip blessed with perfect weather. Thanks Chris, James and 
Albert for coming and making this walk so joyful.


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